• Control system for small machines or complex sub-systems
  • Designed to facilitate cabling and operation in every kind of application with all range of solenoid valves
  • High performance with ARM® platform
  • Suitable for integration into Ethernet and fieldbus environments
  • Straightforward configuration of the entire system using CODESYS
  • CE, EMC, and RED certifications
  • A complete system in IP67
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Coil Connector

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DC Power Supply

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Status Led

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Function Keys

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Temperature Sensor

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Flash Memory

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Integrated Antenna

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Wireless Module

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Special Housing


+SMART the perception of a change, Industry 4.0.
With ODE you have the chance to be part of this change.
Our concept from the control level through to the solenoid valve technology offers standards, connectivity, communication and total flexibility thanks to our solution.
Because intelligence is not only predicting the future but reacting to it in advance.

+SMART allows you to use all range of solenoid valves and electric devices on site.

It now gives you a system for decentralized intelligence: using the programming language to IEC 61131-3.

You can program your applications exactly like you want.

+SMART is a device with a PLC and WiFi system integrated.
This embedded controller combines economy with flexibility and excellent performance.
The device takes up 43 mm and supports direct coupling with coil connector.

As a PLC, +SMART can take over the control of an entire system or serve as a lower-level controller.
The device has three integrated digital inputs/outputs and four analog inputs.

Its rugged design is optimized for driving electromechanical devices with a PWM output.

+SMART provides LED signalling to give a better view of operating signals.

Technical Data

+SMART Data Sheet
Hardware Architecture ARM® Cortex™-M4F Processor Core
WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n- 2.4 GHz - Security WPA/WPA2, Encryption WEP/TKIP/AESWEP, (uFL connector available)
Voltage Input 24VDC (+ 10% - 5%) (5A Max)
Digital Outputs n.3 Open collectors (max. 3A), n.1 PWM for coil operation
Analog Inputs n.4 Inputs (n.2 - 0..10VDC) / (n.2 - 4..20mA), 12 Bit
USB n.1 x USB 2.0
Housing Nylon PA66
Housing Basket Silicon
Protection Class IP 67
Case Installation EN 175301-803 (Ex DIN 43650/A), 2P+E, IP67
Cable Line length 1m (PVC) – other length and material available
Operating -10..50 °C (14..122 °F)
Storage -25..70 °C (-13..158 °F)
Approvals CE, EMC, RED
Weight approx. 80g (without cable)

Programming Tool

CODESYS, the leading hardware-independent IEC 61131-3 automation software for developing and engineering controller applications.
CODESYS is a software platform especially designed to fulfill the many different requirements of modern industrial automation projects.

The IEC 61131-3 programming tool is the heart of CODESYS. It offers integrated,user-friendly solutions to support the user in developing his task.
The software includes the following elements: editors for all IEC programming languages (AWL, ST, CFC/FUP, etc.).
Extensive libraries with modules (counter, timer, controller, etc.); tools for test, simulation, error search and debugging of programs online change, debugging, breakpoint, single step, single cycle, force values integrated, monitoring of variables.

Modbus is a serial communications protocol. It has become the standard communications protocol in industry, and is now the most commonly available means of connecting industrial electronic devices.

Modbus allows for communication between many devices connected to the same network, for example a system that measures temperature and humidity and communicates the results to a computer.

Ethernet is a ubiquitous solution that has established itself as the principal industrial network through its combination of high data rate and shelf infrastructure.
Adopting itself to this new communications method, Modbus TCP-IP allows Modbus to communicate with many Ethernet backbone devices.


Cloud Platform

Wireless devices, in the industrial world, are not only a replacement of cables, but a fundamental aspect of the optimization process of the production.

The secure transferring of data is an ideal base for several standard applications or a simple way to solve applications not supported from traditional technology.

The remote control and monitoring platform for our customers.

The main features of the platform are:
Processing in real time and archiving
The data is processed in real time to create structured information and generate events and alarms.
Notification of events and alarms
The platform is able to notify the user in several ways with events or alarms by e-mail, sms or Push Notifications.
Platform management
The platform allows to create a custom views to check actual situation and historical data of modules.



Food & Beverage
Food &
Water & Wastewater
Water &
Water & Wastewater
Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas

Whether you're looking to automate a simple machine or a complex plant area, you need components that are easy to integrate into existing systems and that are easy to install and commission.
Especially as delays in engineering can impact significantly on project start-up times.

The new +SMART module will allow machine automation designers a convenient, cost effective and reliable solution for solenoid valve control through direct communication with the machine controller and I/O integrated.
A start point for predictive maintenance requirements for Industry 4.0.

+SMART is compatible with full range of solenoid valves.
Flexible automation solutions permit the maximum utilization of technologi- cal developments in wide fields of applications.

Pressure transducer

Proportional electronic control unit

Gearbox with hall effect technology

Proportional pressure controller

Shape memory alloy controller

+SMART solenoid valve

2017 +SMART
SMART solenoid valve

Company Profile

ODE - three letters. Initials.
Since 1960 has been providing customized design and production of solenoid valves for manufacturers following our fundamental principles of quality, adaptability and reliability.

The current product portfolio, including a wide range of solenoid valves, results from the continuous refinement of technical innovations to reflect the needs and practical experiences of our customers.

Our 60 years of experience in fluid control systems allow us to satisfy several sectors like Vending and Coffee Machine, Car Wash, Automation, Medical, Food and Beverage, Chemical and Water Treatment.

That is not the end of the story but only the beginning!
We are ready for the future.

ODE develops mechanical and electronic solutions for the fluid control.
In addition, we have set ourselves the target of supplementing the portfolio for fluid controls with new electronic devices ready for Industry 4.0: +SMART.

ODE's broad orientation to the various sectors of mechanical engineering and plant construction gives us an accurate insight into the needs and trends of the market.

In the past, this was based mainly on solenoid valve solutions but today ODE is an important global manufacturer of a wide product range.
ODE has a footprint in all major countries through a distribution network able to reach any customer. Each company in our network has been specially selected and has a product’s knowledge level equal to ODE itself.

Our main focus is on meeting your needs, from custom one-time custom projects to serial production.